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Your Crypto is your Royal Treasury,

Protect it Like a King

We pre-screen your crypto transactions, so you don't get tricked into giving away your Bored Ape for free.

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Feel Secure Trading Ethereum

Core Protect gives you access to institutional-grade safety data, allowing the average retail trader a view into what can be seen by serious crypto desks.

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Don't Let This Happen to You

Every time you use a website like Uniswap or OpenSea you are trusting that hackers aren't giving you malicious transactions.

Download the extension today to shield your wallet and pride against attack.


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Brandon Pearson

Co-Founder - Head of Business

Brandon is a commercial real estate professional and crypto enthusiast, currently runs a team of ten real estate professionals who operate nationwide. Brandon has a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing Management from University of Northern Iowa.

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Matthew Jurenka

Co-Founder - Head of Product

Matthew has been a software developer for nine years, previously working at Amazon and SolarSPELL, where he led a team of three. He specializes in leading engineering teams and building high-performance solutions.

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